Helping you build a balanced, creative, joyful life.

                    Art by Jennifer Hirshhorn

About You

Curious. Passionate. Alive. Responsive. Committed. Open. Life is good and can be even better.  From strong to stronger. You have a good life and you want to keep growing.

Are you ready to see yourself more beautifully and clearly?

Do you need to be heard more deeply?  Are you ready to access your creativity, to express your heart and soul's desire? Do you seek a mirror, someone to help you gain brilliant clarity?

It's time to shine your light.

I will help  you bring it forth, collaborating with you on our journey, as you dig deeper, as you bravely become your most authentic self.














                     Art by Jennifer Hirshhorn

My Approach

My approach to coaching is rooted in your innate wisdom and inherent wholeness.

I am your collaborator, accountability partner, your conspirator.  In coaching, like a kaleidoscope, one shift, one click and everything looks different, is different.

In our coaching sessions, I will listen, ask questions, witness and reflect.  I will help you brainstorm and problem solve.  Together, we will illuminate your clarity, direction and focus.  

I am here to help you express and manifest you.  

Refine.  Be heard.  Immerse yourself in deep conversation. Create.






                     Art by Jennifer Hirshhorn

About Me

I am also an artist.  My creative life coaching and art making practices are inextricably interwoven. These practices, to create and to relate, are core, integrated and diverse expressions of the juiciness and nourishment of life. 

I have been coaching, teaching and guiding people for many years. I truly love coaching and creating art, both of which are expressions of this bold and nuanced, abundant, layered, surprising and intentional life

Are you ready to bring forth your vision?  

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