Jennifer is extremely supportive, helpful, and encouraging. She pushes me to see past limitations I unknowingly created, and to see the future I want in a clear pragmatic manner. She has useful suggestions, clear guidance, and has a sense of humor about life’s little road bumps. 

She is very focused on all aspects of my goals, including those I might not have thought of that can be supportive. I cannot recommend her enough for big or little life changes, or even just to sort through overwhelming tasks. She has helped me create ‘space’ on an emotional level, relieving myself of anxiety and, I am, actually, enjoying the new path I’ve set out on.

-M.E., Photographer, Denver, CO


Where do I start?  Every time I work with Jennifer, I leave our time feeling so clear and focused.  She is an empath and is easily able to assist me in separating my energy from everyone else's.  She can laser focus on the issue behind the obstacle that is standing in my way of my highest good and my very next step.  She is so artistic and spiritual, and yet so grounded!  I truly feel like I can talk about anything with Jennifer! I have achieved so many goals after setting them with Jen, and following up with her for accountability. I cannot recommend her highly enough! I love working with Jennifer and am so grateful for her presence in my life!

Nori Phillips,, Life Coach & Commercial Actress,  Los Angeles, CA


Jen is truly amazing in her ability to zoom in on what's truly alive in the moment, and gently guide the conversation to a beneficial place.  

She’s incredibly present in her listening and she takes cues from your words, your tone, your body language, your history and her own wisdom and intuition to form a coherent understanding of your deeper meaning. Her reflections are spot on and highly effective in generating new understandings and inspiring creative action.

I highly recommend Jen as a mentor and a coach.

-Laurie Lazar, Professional Recruiter, Spring Ahead Career Services, Boulder, CO


Jennifer shares her "Innate Wisdom" and gracefully reminds her clients that pure wisdom resides in every human being. The conversation that she nurtures and guides is one that helps to create and restore a joyful balance in one's personal and professional life.

She has the subtle ability to offer professional objectivity while still being compassionate and relational. She is a natural communicator and her imagery and metaphors are inspirational and clarifying! No doubt her background as an artist gives her a multi - dimensional perspective.

I would highly recommend Jennifer's Life Coaching experience. You will feel "restored" in her presence!

-Bonnie Eckert, Oil & Gas Industry-Production Analyst/Wardrobe Consultant & Photography, Denver, CO


Jennifer is a fabulous coach for me. She has helped me in my process of returning to school, and supported me to sort out work issues and life issues, in general. 

We’ve discussed the pros and cons of going to school, how to fill out my application, which areas to focus on and how to prepare for interviews. As well, our sessions prepared me for being accepted to school and anticipating the growth and changes that I will experience.  We also addressed my work stress and creating the healthiest dynamics at that facility, where I spend more than fifty percent of my life. 

Overall, I’ve been able to prioritize, to see the simple pieces and address every issue in orderly methodology.  I look forward to a continued relationship with Jennifer and more growth from our connection.  Thank you, Jen.

-B.C., Denver, CO


Jennifer has a gentle ability to guide a person to a renewed sense of self.  She helped me understand my goals and define an action plan.  The tender guidance she offered allowed me to feel focused, and provided my creativity a natural flow. 

Jennifer is an amazing person, a unique creative spirit, and deeply committed to helping each person whom she coaches or teaches find the space needed to grow and learn. 

Every encounter I have with her resonates with her deep intention and true desire to help me focus and find a space for myself.  I am very grateful; our interactions truly changed the course of my life for the better.  With Jennifer’s help, I have found the freedom and permission, within myself, to open new doors.   

-K. White, Engineer, Firestone, CO